Pumpkin Spice and everything Nice!

The best part of living in NH is fall.  I am a summer lover, but can’t live without fall.  I mean that crisp cool air, the fresh air scent, the colors, the flavors.  Fall truly is something special in New England. Your won’t find a fall like this anywhere else. As much as I love fall and running, I love to decorate.  I made a trip last weekend to Hobby Lobby to buy all new fall decor.  I feel that the style and vibe has changed over the past few years, and felt the need to change all of my decor.  Jon may not have been happy with my extra purchases, but he got over it pretty quickly after I had it all set up.  After all, we are hosting Thanksgiving for my fist time ever this year. That puts the pressure on me to make sure that everything is extra special and just as perfect as I can afford to make it. Happy Fall Y’all and Happy decorating!